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My first programming experience was on an Amstrad CPC6128, experimenting with BASIC and the Z80 assembler, back in 1987. A few years later, I was a proud owner of an Amiga500, and was learning coding in C and 68k assembler. Since then, software development is my passion.

In late 1997, I started my professional career and one year later I began developing in Java. It became my main domain, the server-side turned out to be my specialty. Today, building robust, scalable and secure systems on (almost) any platform, cloud or on-prem, is my main skill.

For me, software development is a creative process for solving problems to simplify everyday challenges. It requires a team of talented people able to apply existing patterns and solutions, but also able to fill in the gaps with innovative ideas. These, combined with sharp focus and efficiency, will always result in wonderful products and tools, steadily adding value to the business.

I consider my job as done when the built product solves the targeted problem and is well-crafted. This means the product can scale, not only performance-wise, but also functionality, maintainability, and business-wise.


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